Center for Regional Partnership and Lifelong Learning (CRPLL) was established with the aim of fulfilling comprehensive contribution to the local community by conducting education and research on regional partnership and university extension. CRPLL consists of two divisions, which are regional partnership division and lifelong learning division. CRPLL will grasp various and complex regional issues (needs) and make matching between the issues (needs) and education/research seeds to promote our regional contribution. CRPLL will also promote regional partnership and lifelong learning by making use of such means as collaborating with learning agencies, providing university extensions, research on lifelong learning policy, training and educating regional leaders, providing information and consult on lifelong learning,and so on.

Extension Courses

Extension Courses in Kagawa University are held to open the results of education and research to the public widely, and they are fee-based courses, separately from ordinary lectures in our university, that are open to the public including children. Taking advantage of the characteristics of the university, we have opened courses throughout the year, covering various fields such as literature, culture,art, sports, education, law, economics, medicine, engineering, agriculture and so on.

  • Actual results for the past five years
Academic Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Number of Courses 34 28 35 32 27

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