Student Life

Student Life


Kagawa University Dormitories for International Students

Name of Dormitories

Room Type

Rent per month (Yen)

No. of Rooms


International House (Yashima)




6.4km to Saiwai-cho campus (Main)
8.9km to Hayashi-cho campus (Engineering)
8.9km to Miki-cho campus (Agriculture)

International Exchange House (Miki-cho)






0.3km to Miki-cho campus (Medicine)









Hanazono Dormitory




2.4km to Saiwai-cho campus (Main)
5.5km to Hayashi-cho campus (Engineering)
9.8km to Miki-cho campus (Agriculture)

Kaminocho International Dormitory

A mixed-dormitory whereby international students and Japanese students stay together



3km to Saiwai-cho campus (Main)
5km to Hayashi-cho campus (Engineering)
10km to Miki-cho campus (Medicine)
12km to Miki-cho campus (Agriculture)

In principle, the period of residence is as follows: 2 years for Kaminocho International Dormitory; 1 year for the other dormitories. In addition to the room rental fee, maintenance fees, cleaning fees, and utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.) are charged separately.

Private Housing

Students who opt for private housing may visit a real estate agency to find an apartment for themselves.

In addition, Kagawa University Co-op also assists students in finding private apartments near the university. Monthly rent varies from ¥20,000 to ¥60,000 depending on room size and other factors.

Once details have been settled between the landlord and the potential tenant, a rental contract is drawn up. When concluding a rental contract, a guarantor is usually needed. An international student in Kagawa can request Kagawa Prefecture International Exchange Association to be a guarantor when renting private housing. To qualify for this program, an international student first needs to purchase the General Housing Compensation Insurance. For details, contact the Educational Affairs Section of each Faculty or Graduate School, or Administrative Group.

Student Life