About Kagawa University

About Kagawa University

Kagawa University Charter

The mission of Kagawa University is to engage in a rigorous pursuit of the truth as an academic center and to return the fruits of this endeavor to society, while contributing to academic advancement in a manner befitting a university based in the central city of the Seto Inland Sea region. Kagawa University recognizes its role in the region as a center of knowledge and expertise comprising a diverse range of academic fields, and seeks to be a distinctive and competitive student-centered university with strong ties to the community. Kagawa University is committed to fostering the development of creative and compassionate professionals and researchers through its world-class education and research opportunities, in addition to serving as a leader in the local community and working towards the realization of a symbiotic society. The University is guided by the principles and objectives that are set forth in this Charter.


Kagawa University will educate students to be compassionate and ethical individuals, who possess broad general learning and advanced specialized knowledge, that will enable them to be effective problem solvers and active participants in the international arena.

(1) In accordance with its clearly-worded admissions policies, the University will conduct entrance examinations so as to assemble a student body with a keen interest in learning.

(2) To facilitate the attainment of its educational goals, the University will implement an effective curriculum that allows students to gain a comprehensive general education in addition to advanced specialized knowledge.

(3) The University will provide students with a progressive and practical education that will help them to become valuable members of society.

(4) The University will maintain and expand its graduate school programs to foster the development of highly-skilled professionals and researchers who will be active participants in the international arena.


Kagawa University will conduct creative and innovative research inspired by a fusion of diverse values, which in turn will stimulate further avenues of research which will contribute to the resolution of the issues and problems facing societies around the globe.

(1) The University will foster original, creative research and support the application of this research.

(2) The University will promote priority research projects and establish world-class research centers.

(3) The University will encourage research that contributes to regional development.

(4) The University will create new areas of research through the fusion of research fields and will undertake original and distinctive interdisciplinary research.

Social Contribution

Kagawa University will serve the needs of the local region by acting as a source of knowledge and expertise, and the University will put the results of its research to use in furthering the advancement of such areas as culture, industry, medicine, and lifelong learning.

(1) By offering practical proposals that address the problems and issues facing our society, the University will contribute to the invigoration of the region.

(2) As the main medical facility of the region, the University will work to advance health promotion and improve medical and welfare standards.

(3) The University will serve the needs of the local community with a diverse range of educational programs and will strive to act as a focal point of learning for a knowledge-based society.

(4) The University will promote academic and cultural exchange with multiple countries and will work to establish itself as a center for international exchange.


In order to promote independent and autonomous education, research, and social contribution, Kagawa University will establish a transparent, highly-functional and flexible management system.

(1) The University will monitor its organization and systems through regular self-evaluation in order to manage the university in a manner that keeps pace with an evolving society and the changes of the times.

(2) In addition to respecting the fundamental human rights of all individuals and prohibiting discrimination on the basis of nationality, creed, gender, or other status, the University will provide a safe and fair teaching, research, and work environment where all members may freely express their individuality and abilities while dedicating themselves to their respective duties.

(3) Recognizing the fact that the majority of its operating expenses are provided for by funds received from the people of Japan, the University pledges to manage these funds appropriately and use them to the maximum possible benefit.

(4) The University will expeditiously disclose information and fulfill its accountability to society while remaining committed to the protection of personal information.

About Kagawa University