About Kagawa University

About Kagawa University

Message from the President


Yoshiyuki Kakehi

President, Kagawa University

Warm greetings to all prospective international students and researchers!

 I am Yoshiyuki Kakehi, President of Kagawa University, a national university in Kagawa Prefecture. It is my pleasure to welcome all international students and researchers who are interested to study or to conduct research at Kagawa University.

 Kagawa University has six undergraduate faculties and seven graduate schools. At the undergraduate level, all courses are conducted in the Japanese Language. Both visiting international students at the graduate level along with visiting researchers may carry out their studies or conduct their research through the medium of English. Three of our graduate schools are in the natural sciences (Medicine, Engineering, and Agriculture), while four are in the social sciences (Education, Law, Economics, and Management).

 Kagawa University houses a student population of approximately 5,700 undergraduate and 700 graduate students. We have about 200 international students studying in our university. We also have about 150 short-term students coming from many countries every year. Kagawa University continuously strives to provide an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to learning, making dormitories, scholarships and student-tutors/buddies easily available.

 I would like to encourage prospective international students and researchers to probe deeper into what Kagawa University can offer. While situated outside of the main metropolis area of Japan, we are no doubt one of the leading national universities with a strong focus on pioneering research and international collaboration.

 Kagawa Prefecture has a mild climate and a relatively low cost of living compared to other parts of Japan. Due to its location on the island of Shikoku, Kagawa retains much of the traditional Japanese traits while at the same time, Kagawa does not compromise on the comforts that characterize modern living.

 In closing, I would like to emphasize that Kagawa University offers an ideal platform for international students and researchers to study/research in Japan. Students and researchers get to benefit from top level research supervision or collaboration, while enjoying comfortable living at Kagawa.

About Kagawa University