The Center is developing a variety of nano-microstructure devices such as microsensors, microactuators and bioanalysis chips based on micro/nano-machine technologies the Faculty of Engineering and Design has been working on. The utilization of these devices in applicable fields with good prospects for growth, such as healthcare and agriculture, is pushing forward interdisciplinary R&D that matches the offerings of some fields with the needs experienced by others.
The technology of this Center is founded on micro-device design and fabrication that can realize highly functional microdevices with semiconductor silicon or polymer material. By using our technology and knowhow, we have developed numerous innovative sensors and actuator devices that implement new features and capabilities.Innovative mechanical systems will be developed and realized with our novel devices in a wide range of application fields.
The cooperative researches are done with many other universities and research institutes as well as the faculties of agriculture or medicine in Kagawa University, and new interdisciplinary fields such as bio-mechatronics will be opened.
Through these activities, the center will break a new ground combined with these interdisciplinary fields. Further, the center will positively act the industry-university cooperation research. The center will support the regional companies by the technical tranfer or the practical development on the need-oriented ground, and contribute to the promotion of the regional industries.
Further, the center will have the opportunity to train the human resources. By proposing the opportunity for the students to participate in the project and experience the research with the companies, the center will produce the competent worldwide skilful persons.

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