The Admission Center was established on April 1, 2005 for the purpose of developing and improvement of the different ways for examination and evaluation of the candidate-students. This complex process is based on various examination standards, which consider such factors as the regional needs and analyze the ways of establishing effective examination system under the current trend of further shortage of young children. The Admission Center also plays a central role in implementing public relations to attract new groups of candidate students.

The Center performs the following operations to attract and select applicants in accordance with the university's admission policy.
(1) Investigations regarding entrance examinations (for improving the method of selecting applicants)
(2) Planning and implementation of strategic admission communication (for improving applicants in both qualitative and quantitative terms
(3) Presentation of the status of university entrance examinations for Faculties and making proposals for applicant-attracting strategies and selection methods (support in Faculties' selection and communication activities)

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