The Higher Education Center(HEC)at Kagawa University aims to improve the quality of education at Kagawa University through developing and managing general education courses, which serve as the foundation of undergraduate education; developing educational programs across faculties;providing support to exchange students as well as Japanese students intending to study abroad; and planning and executing programs to boost essential skills of university faculty and staff.
Several sections within the HEC work to execute the above objectives. The General Education Section coordinates general education courses across the university. The Survey Section develops the general education curriculum as well as educational programs across faculties(such as the Next Program). The Global Education Section develops foreign language courses and curricula, supports exchange students in their Japanese education, and assists Japanese students planning to study abroad. The Community Education Section develops courses involving fieldwork to help students better understand local communities. Last, the ICT Education Section promotes and develops active learning educational systems grounded in information and communications technology, such as distance learning and e-Learning.

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