“Institute of Education, Research and Regional Cooperation for Crisis Management Shikoku(IECMS)” was established in Kagawa University on April 1, 2016. It has “Center of Crisis Management Advanced Education & Research(CCMAER)” and “Center of Regional Resilience Research(CRRR)”. CCMAER consists of three divisions such as “Advanced Education Program Development”, “Human Resources Education” and “Basic Research of Disaster Mitigation”. It aims to perform international as well as local education, research and leader training of resilience science.
CRRR consists of two divisions such as “Regional Cooperation” and “Disaster Mitigation Research”. It aims to promote regional cooperation on disaster prevention, mitigation and crisis management as the base of Shikoku. Furthermore, as the intersection divisions of both centers, two divisions “Universities Cooperation” and “International Cooperation” are established. They promote domestic and foreign universities and research organizations for education as well as study cooperation in the field of disaster prevention, mitigation crisis management.

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