The Faculty of Education administers junior high schools, elementary schools, kindergartens and a school for children with special needs.
In the Takamatsu area, these facilities have promoted leading research in educational practices for individual school categories, contributing to the introduction of “integrated study periods” in the national curriculum guidelines. In the Sakaide area, the junior high, elementary school, kindergarten, and school for children with special needs attract the attention of educators throughout the nation by developing nation-leading collaborative projects such as joint athletic events and research projects.
The School for Special Needs' Students in Sakaide offers elementary, junior high, and high school classes. Aiming to foster independence and social inclusion of mentally challenged children, it conducts consistency in education spanning the twelve years from elementary school to high school that meets individual student’s needs, cooperate with their guardians and engages in advanced initiatives to support students. Adjacent to Sakaide Junior High is the special classroom named “Subaru”, which conducts leading practical projects by assessment and individual educational plan for young children and elementary/junior high pupils with learning disorders and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders.

  • Takamatsu Elementary School
  • Sakaide Elementary School
  • Takamatsu Junior High School
  • Sakaide Junior High School
  • School for Special Needs' Students
  • Kindergarten
  • Resource Room “SUBARU”

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