Saiwai-cho Campus(main campus)

From Takamatsu station, to Saiwai Campus, take the Kotoden Bus heading to Shimin Byoin Loop Bus (ことでんバス(市民病院ループバス)), stop at Education Faculty (香川大学教育学部) or Economic Faculty (香川大学法学部・経済学部) and walk one minute.

From Takamatsu Airport, take Airport Limousine Bus (高松空港リムジンバス), drop at Nakashinmachi (中新町) or KenchoDori (県庁通り) , walk 10 to 15 minutes.


Hayashi-cho Campus( Engineering and Design)

Take Kotoden Bus Kawashima Route (ことでんバス川島線(レインボー通り経由), and drop off at Kagawa University  Engineering and Design Faculty (香川大学創造工学部前).


Miki-cho Campus(Medical)

Take Kotoden Bus University Hospital Route (ことでんバス(高松医療センター・大学病院線), and get off at University Hospital (大学病院).


Miki-cho Campus(Agriculture)

Take Kotoden train Nagao Line (ことでん(高松琴平電気鉄道)長尾線), and drop off at Nogakubumae (農学部前), walk 2 to 3 minutes.

Or, take Okawa Bus Hiketa Line (大川バス引田線), and disembark at Nogakubumae (農学部前), walk 5 to 7 minutes.


Alternatively, students can take taxis to their final destinations.

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