May 1949
The former Kagawa University was established in May 1949 as a national university with two Faculties: Liberal Arts and Economics after consolidating and reorganizing Kagawa Normal School,Kagawa Normal School for Youth and Takamatsu College of Economics which was formerly called Takamatsu Higher School of Commerce.
July 1955  Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural College joined as the Faculty of Agriculture.
 April 1960 Junior College of Commerce was established.
April 1966  Renamed as the Faculty of Liberal Arts Faculty of Education.
April 1968  Graduate School of Agriculture(Master's Course)was established.
October 1978  Kagawa Medical School was established.
 April 1979 Graduate School of Economics(Master's Course)was established.
April 1981  Faculty of Law was established.
 April 1983 School Hospital was established.
April 1985  Graduate School of Law(Master's Course)was established. United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Ehime University(Doctoral Course) was established.
April 1986  Graduate School of Medicine(Doctor of Phylosophy)was established.
April 1992  Graduate School of Education(Master's Course)was established.
April 1996  School of Nursing was established.
October 1997  Faculty of Engineering was established.
April 2000  Graduate School of Nursing(Master's Course)was established.
 April 2002 Graduate School of Engineering(Master's Course)was established.
 October 2003 Kagawa University was founded by integrating the former Kagawa University and Kagawa Medical School.
April 2004  National University Corporation Kagawa University was established.Graduate School of Engineering(Doctoral Course)was established.Graduate School of Management(Professional Degree Course)was established.Kagawa-Ehime Universities' Graduate School of Law(Professional Degree Course)was established.
 April 2016 Course for Teaching Professionals(Professional Degree Course)was established.
April 2018 Faculty of Engineering and Design was established.
Department of Clinical Psychology was established.

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