Established July 11, 2013

Gazing upon the islands in the Seto Inland Sea, we come to think about how we will grow and change as university students,and of the future opportunities that await us.
Kagawa, the most compact of Japan’s prefectures, produces the firmest of noodles,Sanuki Udon. In like fashion, our knowledge and awareness will gain depth here in Kagawa as we reach out to our communities and the world beyond.
In order to use our limited time to the fullest, and to show our pride as students of Kagawa University, we express our aims here in this Student Charter.

As students of Kagawa University,we aim to become people who:

1.Have gained broadened perspectives on life through our encounters with scholarship and research;
2.Can boldly tackle the world’s problems through our acquisition of the latest knowledge and skills;
3.Value human relationships and behave with generosity towards others;
4.Chart our own dreams and then work towards their fulfillment;
5.Are able to notice small changes and take bold actions when necessary;
6.Contribute to society by acting as responsible citizens;
7.Act with attention to both our communities and the global society.

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