This fund operates according to the guidelines of the Kagawa University International Relations Fund project and is in charge of administering the fund. Accordingly, it aims at furthering the university's international relations.

Projects which can receive assistance from the fund are as follows.

(1) Projects to help the invitation of a scholar from overseas
(i) Symposiums, seminars, lectures or joint research projects and conferences etc either supported or co-sponsored by Kagawa University
(ii)Special lectures for students of Kagawa University, and projects for funding the invitation of outstanding international researchers for research guidance.

(2) Scholarships and assistance to international students
This is for providing international students who have been approved as needing financial assistance with funds not only to facilitate their enrolment but also for any assistance required post-enrolment in order to help with their studies.

(3) Teaching Staff Overseas Trips
The fund provides assistance for the university's teaching staff to travel overseas for research or observation at overseas educational institutions and/or international cnferences, to carry out research on their fields of specialisation.

(4) Assistance for Students wanting to study overseas
Based on any agreements between Kagawa University and an overseas university(etc),assistance can be provided to a student who wishes to study abroad.

(5) International Joint Research Projects and/or Assistance for an International Conference
Assistance can be provided for international joint research projects and for the hosting or co-hosting of international conferences in which teaching staff of Kagawa University play a central role.

(6) Assistance for negotiations necessary to promote international links
Assistance can be provided for negotiations necessary for international links and also for events such as the signing of agreements of technical assistance.

(7) Other assistance for international links
(i) Assistance for Kagawa University students attending conferences or conducting research overseas.
(ii)Assistance in travel and accommodation expenses for students and accompanying teaching staff visiting overseas institutions that have an official exchange agreement with Kagawa University.

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