There are various scholarships that are available to international students. Prospective international students may choose to first apply for a Japanese government scholarship(No.1) through the Japanese embassy in their respective countries prior to arrival in Japan. This is a long process and competition is keen. For more information, see the link below and check with the Japanese embassy in your country for dates.

 In addition, students have the option to apply for various scholarships(No.2~No.22) after enrollment. Kagawa University International Foundation has several scholarships (80,000 yen or 60,000yen monthly for four student and 20,000 yen monthly for two students) while a range of scholarships are offered by private foundations. Students however, need to be proficient in the Japanese language to stand a chance at winning a scholarship. 

Besides scholarships, students with outstanding academic records coupled with financial difficulties may wish to apply for tuition fee waivers. Our records for the past three years show that about half of our international students applied for the tuition fee waiver in a typical year. Of that, about 80-90% of them succeeded in receiving either full or partial tuition fee waivers. 

In addition, tuition fee deferrals and monthly payment installment schemes are also available.

1 Japanese Government(MONBUKAGAKUSHO:MEXT)Scholarship
2 The Kagawa University International Exchange Foundation Scholarship 
3 Kagawa University support fund
4 Kagawa University Foundation for the Advancement of Medical Studies 
5 Memorial Fund for the 20th Anniversary of the Opening of a New Course at the Faculty of Medicine
6 Takamatsu International Association Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students  
7 JASSO (Japanese Student Support Organization) Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship For Short-term Study In Japan)
8 JASSO (Japanese Student Support Organization) Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students 
9 Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES)  General Scholarship
10 Kuraoka Scholarship
11 DoCoMo International Student Scholarship 
12  Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation 
13  The Korean Scholarship Foundation
14  The Fujii International Scholarship Foundation 
15  Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation Inc.  
16  Mitsubishi Corporation International Student Scholarship
17  Heiwa Nakajima Foundation Scholarship for Foreign Students in Japan
18  Kawashima Shoji Memorial Scholarship
19  Iwatani International Students Scholarship
20  Sagawa Scholarship Foundation
21  Interchange Association Scholarship

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