The academic calendar in most Japanese universities starts from 1st April, and ends in 31st March the following year.

Academic calendar

1st Semester
Apr 1 First day of the Academic year 学年開始
Apr 4 Entrance ceremony 入学式
Early Apr Guidance for all new students 新入生ガイダンス
  Guidance for all International students 新入留学生ガイダンス
  Start of the 1st Semester  第1学期授業開始
  Class Guidance for New Students 新入生修学相談
  Medical Check-up for New Students 新入生健康診断
Mid Apr Web Registration for Classes  履修届登録
End of July
or Early Aug
Start of the 1st semester  Examinations 第1学期期末試験開始
Early Aug-Sep 30 Summer vacation 夏季休業
Mid Aug Office Closed for Summer Holidays 夏季一斉休業(事務室閉鎖)
Sep 30 End of 1st Semester   第1学期修了

 2nd Semester

Oct 1 University Anniversary 香川大学記念日
Early Oct  Start of the 2nd Semester 第2学期授業開始
  Guidance for all International students 新入留学生ガイダンス
Early Nov  University Festival 大学祭
End of Dec to Early Jan Winter vacation 冬季休業
  Office Closed for Winter Holidays 冬季一斉休業(事務室閉鎖)
Early Feb Start of the 2nd semester Examinations 第2学期期末試験開始
Mid Mar - Mar 31 Start of Spring Vacation  春季休業
Mar 24 Graduation ceremony 卒業式
Mar 31

End of the 2nd Semester 第2学期修了


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