Admission Information for International Students

Graduate programs

Regardless of whether the prospective student comes with a scholarship or with private finance, the first step is to he/she needs to look up the research activities or specialties of the prospective supervisor in the homepages of the targeted faculty. Prospective students are welcomed to seek advice from the International Student Center in this regard. Students planning to come under the Japanese government scholarship should apply though the Japanese Embassy in their own countries. Through the application process, in coordination with the Japanese ministry of education, Kagawa University shall try to locate a suitable supervisor for the student. Students on private expenses similarly are welcomed to seek advice from the International Student Center while searching for a suitable supervisor. Once a supervisor is found, the student can begin the procedures of enrolling first as a research student. The student then takes an entrance examination which is held about twice a year. Only when the student passes this examination can he/she enroll in the graduate program.

Undergraduate programs

Students need to have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test to enroll in the undergraduate programs. Prospective students should contact the appropriate faculty directly.

Non-regular courses (for research students)

Students who have Master's degree or equivalent will be considered for admission. Candidates are expected to contact each graduate school for the details.

Special auditing courses

Students from the universities with exchange programs with Kagawa University may take courses for one year. Details can be ascertained through the appropriate section in your university.

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