Budget Plan for FY2018

  • Estimated Income                              (Unit:Million Yen)
 Management Expenses Grant 10,646
 Facilities Maintenance Grants 449
Income from Other Grants 177
Facilities Maintenance Grants from NIAD-QE 38
Self Revenue    Tuition,Enrollment Fees and Examination Fees 3,846
Income from University Hospital 18,227
Other Income 162
 Income from Industry-University Collaboration and Donations 1,603
 Withdrawal of Allowance 179
 Long-Term Loan Income 2,833
 Withdrawal of Reserves for Specific Purposes 120
  Total  38,280
  • Estimated Expenditure                                                                          (Unit:Million Yen)
Operating Expenses Education and Research Expenses 14,213
Medical Care Expenses 18,130
Facilities Maintenance Expenses 3,320
Other Grants 177
Expenses for Industry-University Collaboration and Donations etc. 1,603
Long-Term Loan Repayments 837
Total 38,280

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