• School of Medicine
  • School of Nursing
  • Department of Clinical Psychology

Schoolhouse for Locally-based Medicine, Nursing and Clinical Psychology with Global Viewpoints

The Faculty of Medicine was established as the former Kagawa Medical University consisting of the School of Medicine in 1978, and unified with Kagawa University in 2003. The Faculty of Medicine marks 40th anniversary in 2018. The School of Nursing was added in 1996, and the Department of Clinical Psychology was newly added in 2018. With an intimate cooperation of three schools, the Faculty of Medicine promotes education and research in the fields of medicine, nursing and clinical psychology from a global standpoint and dedicates to delivering the humanity-rich professionals and future researchers in these disciplines, thereby contributing to the advancement of science and public welfare as well as fulfilling the regional needs for medical care and psychological support. The Faculty of Medicine provides ideal environments for learning multidisciplinary cooperation as well as deepening each specialty to medical students of more than 600, nursing students of more than 200 and newly joined 20 students in clinical psychology.


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