Department of Engineering and Design

  • Program in Media and Product Design

  • Program in Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Program in Disaster and Crisis Management
  • Program in Computer Science, Systems, and Security
  • Program in Information and Communications Technology
  • Program in Mechanical Systems
  • Program in Advanced Materials Science

Japanese industries whose lifeblood has been developing and manufacturing goods and products (the process of monozukuri) are now transitioning from the era of “mass production” and “mass consumption” to one that calls for innovation in the fields of crafting not just products (monozukuri) but also intangible things (kotozukuri). This situation calls for individuals who possess the design thinking skills to create tangible and intangible things with high-added value and abundant distinctive features that permit flexible responses to people’s diverse needs. Furthermore, if the ideas about tangible or intangible things that we come up with are truly new, then making them a reality will always carry with it a considerable amount of risk. Additionally, these “things” of whatever nature may also be called upon to be of use not only in ordinary situations but also in times of crisis. Accordingly, it will be necessary to have people around who have the ability to manage risk. At the Kagawa University Faculty of Engineering and Design we will nurture engineers of great individuality who will be good citizens respected by the international community. Our students will be mindful of the natural environments in which people live; will seek to create culture, a climate of safety, and industry that allow for humans and nature to harmoniously coexist; and will have a broad background in the engineering that provide the backing/lining for expert fundamental skills.


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