Teacher Training Program

  • Early Childhood Education Course
  • Elementary School Education Course
  • Secondary School Education Course

Aiming to foster personnel with practical leadership skills who understand students deeply

The Faculty has a practical curriculum guidance system with the concept of “development support” as its core, to train teachers with practical leadership skills and a high degree of expert knowledge in their fields.Each course is made up of a core curriculum of teaching practice and theory covering four years. Starting from their first year, students observe classes both inside and outside the university and reflect upon these experiences and observations. In this way, students deepen their understanding of the teaching profession. This also helps them when researching and writing their final graduation thesis. There are also several events organised by the students’ courses promoting learning about cooperation in student life which also help students develop interpersonal skills in dealing with others.Every year the various courses put on events that are open to the public, such as ‘Students from the Future’ in which students work together to prepare for these events.The faculty, with its four-year course of learning, fully supports hard-working students’ development and learning, supported by their colleagues, aiming at a career in teaching.


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