• Studies in Management and Regional Strategies

The Graduate School of Management (GSM) is a business school, devoted to regional society, with MBA program focusing on comprehensive knowledge of regional development to train "business leaders", "public professionals", and "leaders for regional revitalization".
Many students are studying diligently at GSM while working in companies and local governments in daytime. In consideration of students with full time employment, classes are held on weekdays at night, on Saturdays and in summer. By small group education, we provide detailed guidance in accordance with students' problem awareness. The GSM consists of corporate management areas and local public areas. Faculty members include researchers who have high academic achievements and practical teachers who are skilled in practical experience.
Furthermore, as external lecturers, we are striving to enrich the curriculum which tied up with the community by welcoming the heads of corporate managers and administrative agencies, not limited to university faculty members inside and outside the area.

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