International Relations

International Internship

In order for students to grasp one of our foundation themes, "educating students to cope with the international environments," we have been sending and receiving average of 5 students each year for the purpose of gaining experience in overseas companies and institutions.


It was great time for me to study in Limoges, France for 3 months. At first, I had many difficulties (language, food, weather, etc.). But soon I started to enjoy my life in France because of all the support I had from my colleagues and friends. I participated in many events organized by the university and also went out for shopping and parties with my friends from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Through these experiences, I was exposed to different values and have widened my perspectives.

With other international students

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya
Graduate student

Internship venue: Limoges, France
Counterpart: University of Limoges(France)
Period: September 21 2012 - December 31 2012