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Prohibition of P2P use on campus

You are not allowed to bring any computer with P2P software installed into the engineering campus. Use of P2P is strictly prohibited on campus. Please find details below and use network safely.

【What is P2P?】
P2P is the software that able you to exchange and obtain information and data by directly connecting network with a number of unspecified computers.

【Example of P2P software】

There are many other P2P software including updated version of software listed above.

【Punishment for bringing computer with P2P software into the campus】

  1. The P2P software will be removed from your computer.
  2. You will have to write a report and submit to the department in charge.
  3. You will not be allowed to access to network system on campus for a certain period of time.

Please remember that this punishment will be applied even for those who commit the offence for the first time. The punishment will be heavier each time you are found with the offence.

【Why P2P is banned on campus?】
It is illegal to access to the network and obtain copyrighted materials and data without permission. This action is called copyright infringement. It is the responsibility of Kagawa University as well as of each student to make sure that no one is engaged with this illegal action on campus. Further more, exchange of large volume of data unrelated to study and research will disturb the performance of communication line of network and will likely to cause problems to other students who need to access to the network for study related purposes.

While P2P itself is harmless, it is undeniable that use of P2P software is often related to the copyright infringement these days. This is why the faculty prohibits the usage of P2P on campus.

When you download free software which are like Open or Linux, make sure not to use P2P software. It is strongly recommended to use software such as HTTP or FTP. This applies even when the steps of download using P2P software are explained on the website.