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Health Insurance

For those international students who are staying in Japan more than 1 year, you must be covered by the Japanese national health insurance each year. In Japan, international students are obliged to have the national health insurance.

If you live in Takamatsu city, you will apply for this insurance at Takamatsu City Hall, or at the Hayashi-shi-sho,(Hayashi Branch) office which is closer to the Engineering campus. (Ask the educational affairs section for the location). You have to bring your residence card and passport to apply for the insurance. For those who do not live in Takamatsu city, you must visit your local municipal office for the application process.

With this insurance, the Japanese Government will bear 70% of your payments at the hospitals and clinics and thus you’ll only pay 30%.

The national health insurance usually cost about 15000 yen annually but it depends on your income. The more you earn working part time, the more you pay for the insurance.

For those staying in Japan less than 1 year, you must be covered by a traveler’s insurance for your study abroad before leaving your home country. When you choose a traveler’s insurance in your home country, please make sure the following;

  1. The insurance company offers service for 24/7.
  2. The insurance company has branch or agent in Japan so that the university can communicate with them in Japanese in case of an emergency.

Since medical services can be expensive in Japan, it is strongly recommended that you visit hospital for medical check and receive treatments if necessary before leaving for Japan.