Wan Bunna (Cambodia)

My experiences so far, hopes, and plans for the future

Wan Bunna (Cambodia)

I arrived in Japan on 4th October 2010, with the Japanese flight through Kansai International Airport. At about 3 o'clock, I arrived at Kagawa University where I was warmly welcomed by Professor Lrong Lim, Professor Takenaka Tatsunari, Shioi Sensei, Takamizu Sensei, and staff members of the Administrative Group. That was my first time to see Japan. After the opening ceremony, I met a lot of Japanese people as well as foreign students.

From the start, I felt I like them very much because they are kind, helpful, and reliable. Also, they help and teach me the Japanese language. During that time, I tried to go out with other friends, even though my Japanese language is poor. And now Japanese language is better than before. Similarly, I tried to eat Japanese food. I have come to like it very much. I am also adapting well to the Japanese language, food, culture, and environment. All these, I can?ft forget in my life.

In Cambodia: I started my teaching job in 2000 at Hun Sen Svay Chrum High School. I used to be the leader of English language teaching group in high school. Moreover, I would like to push some projects to develop either school or school curriculum, held the meetings to find ways for the effective methods on teaching, too. For example, during 2006-2008,I decided to help the volunteering American teacher, who came to work in my school through Peace Corp. In that time, we developed some plans such as Library plan, world map painting plan, school curriculum, book use. Also, we held meeting between English language teaching groups with other groups in school. Totally, we wanted to help to develop both curriculum and school projects.

My plans in Japan: I would like to study Japanese language until I can speak, write, and communicate in Japanese language. What?fs more, I must take time to practice much with friends, Japanese people, professors, and staff at university to improve my knowledge.

Hopefully, in Japan, I will try to research on my specialized field and I hope to get knowledge and experiences on teaching. With a future hope, after the research finished, I hope to get the fruitful results on my research so that I can utilize this result in my country after coming back.

My plans for the future in Cambodia: After the research project finished, I will bring all I received in Japan (for example, the result and experiences receiving from my research, good methodology and technique from my research to transfer to the students in my country). Also, I would like to teach Japanese language to my people and tell them about the good behavior for work of Japanese people to my people, too.

Last of all, I will try from my best to study Japanese language and pay attention to the research on my specialized field.