Saul Edgardo Moncada Valladares (Honduras)

Experiences, Hopes, and Plans in Japan

Saul Edgardo Moncada Valladares (Honduras)

Coming to Japan has been an amazing experience since I arrived here in October 2010. It is like an adventure full of anecdotes, expectations and plans. Firstly, I have been given the opportunity to know many people, places, languages and cultural aspects. Thus, I hope I can get the best out of the Japanese people and culture so that when I go back to my country, good relations between Honduras and Japan can be fomented. Moreover, I expect to understand the teaching of the English language in Japanese schools and, also, about the Japanese System of Education so I can apply those good things learned in my country.

Referring to Japanese people, I think they are always available when help is needed. For example, I remember once when I was at the airport in Tokyo and needed to change dollars into yens, but I did not know the place, nor the way how to do it, so I asked a Japanese woman and she showed me all the way through and the whole process involved. Besides, I have had some other similar experiences, which gives us an idea of the way most of the people here behave towards the others which has been an important factor for the development of this country, I guess.

On the other hand, Japanese culture and technology are very interesting since I've attended some events like the Tea Ceremony where I met people from different countries or the Udon-Making which involves an interesting process of making that delicious traditional dish. Moreover, at Himeji I could see just an example of how good the Japanese technology is: high tech. I want to tell my people all these things about the Japanese culture so that they can have more interest in Japan.

As to the English Language Education in Japanese schools, I would like to understand about the methodology and techniques implemented by the teachers. That is, observe whether the students like learning English or not; take a look at the kind of environment in the classroom, and all the things which influence on the students to learn. Then, I would like to apply that knowledge at schools in my country. Moreover, taking into account that education has had a very important role in the development of Japan; it would be important to me to know about the Educational System of this country and try to improve that of my country.
Talking about my future plans in Japan and Honduras, it is something that only God knows; however, my idea is to go back to my country sooner or later and then, implement and share with my colleagues all the knowledge learned from the research, observation, etc.

In conclusion, I like life in Japan; the experiences have all been good since we learn every day from them. I want to thank all the university staff for giving me this opportunity of being here. And, of course, I thank God for it. Blessings!