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Faculty of Engineering and Design


Oct. 1997
Faculty of Engineering was established.

Oct. 2003
Kagawa University and Kagawa Medical University were unified and new Kagawa University was established.

Apr. 2018
Faculty of Engineering was reformed to Faculty of Engineering and Design.


Number of undergraduate students:1,237

Number of academic staff:83

Professors: 45
Associate professors: 21
Lecturers: 11
Assistant professors: 6

Number of administrative staff: 30

(as of May 1, 2018 )


1st semester

April 1-September 30
(including summer vacation:early August-end of September)
・Entrance Ceremony (early April)

2nd semester

October 1-March 31
(including winter vacation: late December-early January
spring vacation: early March-end of March)
・Graduation Ceremony (late March)