Admission Policy (principles underlying university admission)

Incoming students are expected to have gained the following skills and knowledge prior to admission:

① Knowledge, skills and problem-solving abilities
* Applicants should possess undergraduate-level knowledge and problem-solving skills in the fields of law and political science.

② The ability to form opinions, make decisions, and express one’s self
*Applicants should be able to make logical decisions about problems in law and political science, and then be able to clearly explain these problems in their own words.

③ Skills as researchers and practitioners
*Applicants should have the fundamental skills and practical know-how to launch research projects that look into issues in law and political science.

④ A spirit of inquiry
*Applicants should have a strong motivation for learning and research academic, practical, and social issues in the fields of law and political science.

⑤ Ethics and a sense of responsibility
*Applicants should have a solid grounding in issues related to justice, human rights, liberty, and equality, as these skills will be expected of them as professionals in the fields of law and political science.

⑥ An international perspective
*Applicants should possess the linguistic skills required for comprehension of issues in the fields of law and political science both within Japan and in other countries, and to be able to view these issues from an international perspective.

For general admission: Applicants will take a written examination that covers two subjects, including the applicant’s course of choice, and will be evaluated on their knowledge, comprehension, and critical thinking skills as well as ability to express themselves appropriately. Applicants will also be able to select a foreign language test (either English, German, or French) which assesses their ability to use these languages in the fields of law and political science. An interview will also be used to assess applicants’ knowledge, motivation, and sense of ethics and responsibility.