Faculty of Law

Lectures and Seminars

Students attend lectures to acquire basic legal and policy-oriented ways of thinking. Professors lecture on fundamental legal topics such as constitution, civil and criminal laws as well as on various non-legal issues in the global and local contexts. Our undergraduate curriculum holds introductory courses for freshman and sophomore students and applied courses for junior and senior students. Each students are able to set up their study plans in accordance to their own academic interests or future career plannings.
Also important are seminars, where students study multiple issues in closer touch with professors. Seminars are provided at every grade, but those for juniors and seniors are the most intensive chances in order for them to conduct their research. They will develop friendship with other seminar members, which will remain important for them throughout their life. Small classes are one of the many significant features of our education.


(1) Basic Law Course
Jurisprudence is a technique for one to have deep sympathy for conflicting parties and solve the conflict by means of applying fair rules to it. Students at the Basic Law Course are expected to acquire the full range of legal mind and skills necessary for such conflict-solving. The course is mainly for those willing to advance to law schools or to be engaged in legal matters as specialists in both public and private sectors.

(2) Social Designing Course
The Social Designing Course aims at fostering students' policy-oriented ways of thinking in order for them to understand social, political and economic issues and make sociopolitical policies. They will deepen their insights into various issues in the fields of social welfare, environment, information technology and globalization. The Course is mainly for those willing to serve as public officers or NPO (NGO) staffs.

(3) Comprehensive Law and Policy Science Course (Evening Course)
The Comprehensive Law and Policy Science Course is for those unable to attend daytime courses but would like to study law and policy sciences. The course is held on the weekday evenings.

Three policies of the Faculty of Law