Campus Life


Campuslife・shiryoThe Law Library holds a series of Japanese and overseas journals, dictionaries and commemorative books in the fields of jurisprudence and political science. There are computer systems for one to search judicial precedents in the library.

The University’s Main Library and Information Technology Center also have computers enabling students to have access to the internet.

The Main Library holds the Kanbara, Sawaragi and Arima Collections, which include important law documents. Kanbara Jinzo served as the first President of Kagawa University and a judge of the Imperial, Supreme Court of Justice. Sawaragi Hachiro collected a large volume of books on German jurisprudence. Arima Chuzaburo served as the first Chairperson of the Japan Bar Association and the Japan Federation of Bar Association. Campuslife・libFurthermore, this library holds documents of the European Union (EU) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as well as precedents of the United States Federal Courts of Justice.

Student Activities

Campuslife・mogiKagawa University students enjoy academic, cultural or physical activities off the classes. Related to legal studies are legal debates and preparation for bar and law school examinations.

Nature and People

Campuslife・campLocated along the Inland Sea of Japan, Kagawa Prefecture is blessed with a beautiful landscape, mild climate and friendly people, ranking among the top throughout Japan in terms of living comfort. Takamatsu, the seat of the prefectural government, has many branches of public offices and private companies. As Our Faculty of Law is at the center of the city and close to the downtown, access to urban facilities is fairly easy. Students can expect to have an enjoyable and productive educational experience here.