Diploma Policy (Principles guiding graduation requirements)

The Faculty of Law at Kagawa University fosters citizens who support the open and democratic society as well as professionals with legal knowledge and skills. They are expected to understand the problems associated with diversity of the world and resolve such problems by appropriately applying principle knowledge of law and political science in order to protect human dignity. Students are required to acquire the following skills and knowledge as a Bachelor of Law and 21st century citizen before graduation.

① Linguistic competence
*Communicative competence in a foreign language as well as an international outlook
*Writing and communication skills necessary to learn law and political science

② Knowledge and understanding necessary for 21st century law graduates
*An understanding of the fundamental principles of law and government, such as justice, human rights, liberty, and equality
*A fundamental understanding of major theories and issues of law and political science
*The ability to explain fundamental knowledge that they have gained to general citizens
*The ability to further their knowledge at their own initiative

③ Problem-solving and information-gathering skills
*A thorough understanding of historical and cultural issues required for citizens in the 21st century
*Fundamental skills necessary for resolving disputes
*The ability to recognize and execute the means and procedures necessary to resolve problems
*Acquisition of fundamental skills necessary to recognize and work toward practical resolution of policy-related problems

④ Ethics and social responsibility
*A sense of ethics and social responsibility necessary as professionals and citizens
*Respect for the rights of others and adequate self-esteem
*The ability to recognize the abuse of people’s rights and find the means to resolve such matters appropriately

⑤ Community-mindedness
*An appreciation of the state of one’s community and fundamental skills necessary to resolve problems in one’s community