Admission policy (Principles underlying university admission)

Prospective students are expected to have the following academic abilities, capabilities, and competencies:

① Knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects acquired in high school

② Critical thinking, judgement, and self-expression

③ Willingness to learn from cooperation with a diverse range of people, with self-direction

④ Interest in and passion towards society and social issues

⑤ A sense of ethics and responsibility as a member of society

Before admission to Kagawa University, students in high school are expected to study a wide range of subjects in order to perform well as university students. In order to foster a global outlook, students need to acquire fundamental skills in English and Japanese. Students should also devote much effort to the study of geography, history, and social studies, in order to prepare themselves for the study of law and government. The study of math and science are also necessary for the development of ethical sensibilities. In short, students should study all subjects diligently.

For General Admission: The National Center Test for university admissions (Center Test) will assess understanding of required high school courses. The individual institutional test will measure skills in mathematics and English. For secondary admission: The Center Test will assess understanding of required high school courses. The individual institutional test will measure the sense of ethics and thinking skills in the short essay portion.

For Special Admission: For students who are exempt from taking the Center Test through a recommendation from their schools: Candidates are required to write a short essay and participate in an interview examination in order to measure their ethical thinking skills and communication skills. The interview will be in a group discussion format. For students who have taken the Center Test and have obtained students credentials: Candidates are required to take an examination focusing on their performance in Geography and Citizenship courses in high school. For subjects in the Center Test, scores in Japanese and either Math or English (to be selected by the candidates) will be reviewed. For the evening course: Candidates must complete an interview and short-essay test in order to evaluate their interest in and passion for the Faculty of Law. For foreign exchange students: an interview and short essay written in Japanese are required in order to examine their Japanese skills, literacy regarding law and politics, and motivation for studying law and politics.

For Transfer Students: Studies for transfer students begin in their third year. Candidates must complete a short essay and writing test in English in order to examine their thinking skills, understanding of legal and political matters, communication skills, and passion for studying law and politics.