The 2005 International Conference on
Active Media TechnologyMay 19-21, 2005
Kagawa International Conference Hall, Takamatsu, Kagawa, JapanSponsored by
IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society
Information Processing Society of Japan
Kagawa UniversityIn Cooperation with:
ACM Japan Chapter, HIS,
IEICE (Information and Systems Society,
Human Communication Group),
IEEE Shikoku Section, ISCIE, ITE, JSAI,

In the great digital era, we are witnessing many rapid scientific and technological developments in human-centered, seamless computing environments, interfaces, devices, and systems with applications ranging from business and communication to entertainment and learning. These developments are collectively best characterized as Active Media Technology (AMT), a new area of information technology and computer science that emphasizes the proactive, seamless roles of interfaces and systems as well as new media in all aspects of digital life.

The first international conference on Active Media Technology (AMT01) was held in Hong Kong in 2001, and the second International Conference on Active Media Technology (AMT03) was held in Chongqing of China in May 29-31 of 2004. Following the success of AMT01 and AMT03, the third International Conference on Active Media Technology (AMT05) will be held in Kagawa, Japan in 2005.

Topics of AMT05:
* Active Computer Systems and Interfaces
* Adaptive Web Media and Web Intelligence
* Agent-Mediated Interaction and Services
* Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
* Business, Education, Entertainment, and Social Applications of Active Media
* Digital City
* Digital Interactivity
* Embodied Intelligent Systems and Agents
* Evaluation of Active Media
* Machine Learning and Human-Centered Robotics
* Multi-Agent Communities
* Multi-Modal Processing, Detection, Recognition, and Expression Analysis
* Personalized, Pervasive, and Ubiquitous Systems and their Interfaces
* Smart Digital Media
* User’s and System Development Experiences of Active Media