Prerequisites for Program Completion


"Special research Ⅲ" and "Special research Ⅳ" are offered to foster expertise that is necessary to develop research for the specific fields in the doctoral program.

"Special research Ⅲ"
This course fosters expertise that is necessary for selecting a research theme. Assessing needs in society and the world,analyzing from many points of view,and then structuring research themes into projects,this course fosters strategic skills,judgment skills designed to perceive the world's dynamics, and analytical skills.

"Special research Ⅳ"
This course fosters expertise that is necessary for implementing research.  In particular, this course fosters the capability to steer research projects and achieve goals with international dimensions.

Prerequisites for Program Completion

In order to complete the doctoral program,it is necessary to acquire 10 credits shown in the table below,receive necessary research supervision,and then pass a dissertation and final examination.

Course Obligatory Number of credits
required for completion
Special research III Obligatory 4
Special research IV Obligatory 6
Total - 10


Special Educational Measures

It is becoming increasingly important for universities to implement joint projects with industries,to re-educate people in the community and industry,and to offer educational environments which promote the acquisition of new expertise,research and instruction.To cope with a wide variety of needs,we make use of special educational measures for those who wish to study in the doctoral program of the graduate school.We are able to provide special research opportunities on Saturdays where necessary.

Special of Educational Measures:
In the graduate school,classes and research instruction may be given in the evenings or at other specified times,where necessary.