Curriculum and Characteristics

The Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Engineering aims to develop "engineers capable of global assessment supported by a broad range of knowledge," "leaders for research and development with international and regional dimensions," "strategists for development in companies," and "researchers."

"Engineers capable of global assessment"
We foster competence to cope flexibly with challenges by utilizing a broad range of knowledge and creative intelligence.

"Leaders for research and development with international dimensions"
We foster specialized knowledge and skills as well as the capability to communicate in foreign languages necessary to promote research and development internationally in the dissertation supervision process.

"Leaders for research and development with regional dimensions"
We develop leading engineers who can play central roles in valuable projects. For this purpose,we foster engineers with the capabilities to achieve goals.

"Strategists for development in companies"
We encourage venture spirits designed to identify and tackle technological challenges presented by society.                                                              

We teach the basics of academic logic and foster researchers who can tackle on-going issues,gathering research themes from a wide range of community needs and then going through abstraction and academic processes.