Declaration to promote Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Guided by the philosophy of (1) nurturing creative professionals and researchers with a human touch through world class education and research activities and (2) providing leadership to the local community while contributing to the realization of a co-existing society, Kagawa University has well been committing herself to the needs of the local community by producing much human resources.

In order for Kagawa University to respond to the profound changes in the social environment (such as declining birthrate, aging population, informatization, and globalization) in the current era and to further contribute to the realization of a co-existing society, it is necessary to consider the idea of diversity, and to embrace the concept of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ (D&I). It has also become imperative for the university management to respect individual differences while at the same time, to search for a way to fully tap into and channel this vital resource embedded in diversity into the administration of the university. This state of affairs has subsequently led Kagawa University to incorporate the concept of D&I as one of the most important pillars into the 4th Mid-term Goals and Mid-term Plans.

For this reason, in October 2021, the "Basic Policy for Promotion of D&I" was formulated, and based on this, "establishment of a university-wide system to support all members" and "cooperation with the community toward the realization of a coexisting society" are implemented. By promoting D&I, Kagawa University pledges to respect the diversity among individuals and their inherent values and ways of thinking as part of a larger plan to revitalize the university.

October 1st, 2021 President of Kagawa University, Kakehi Yoshiyuki

Basic Policy for Promotion of D&I

Kagawa University respects the diverse personalities, values, and ways of thinking of every member in the institution. The following basic policy is formulated to accomplish this objective.

  1. Kagawa University shall develop an education/research/working environment to acknowledge and accept members with diverse backgrounds such as differences in gender, sexual orientation/gender identity, race, nationality, disability, age, religion, and lifestyle, and to provide appropriate platforms for all members to play an active role based on their distinct strengths.
  2. Kagawa University shall promote an awareness campaign focusing on respecting and accepting individual differences, while encouraging all members to collaborate and cooperate with one another.
  3. Kagawa University shall convey to the wider society, that the university aims to comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) philosophy of "no one will be left behind" and that the niversity shall collaborate with the local and international communities to carry out sustainable university anagement that promotes D&I.

Office for the Promotion of Diversity

Office for the Promotion of Diversity was established in April 2022 to actively promote D&I at the University and to spread D&I in the region, based on the basic policy for promoting D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) (enacted on October 1, 2009). It was established in April 2022 to actively promote D&I at the University and to spread D&I in the region. Based on the efforts promoted by the Gender Equality Promotion Office, we aim to realize D&I from a broader perspective.


  1. Information gathering, education and awareness-raising activities, and public relations activities related to diversity
  2. Planning, formulation, and implementation of measures to promote diversity
  3. Matters related to the analysis, evaluation and improvement of the current status of diversity
  4. Matters related to the consultation system concerning diversity.
  5. Matters related to cooperation with external organizations concerning diversity.
  6. Matters related to the D&I Promotion Committee and Diversity Promotion Office meetings.
  7. Other matters related to D&I.

The Logo

The logo design for D&I Promotion was created by Momoka Togawa, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Media and Product Design Course.


Office for the Promotion of Diversity
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