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International and Japanese students make presentations based on topics they like. Anyone can participate and there is no need for prior application. Bring your lunchbox and join in the fun.


Talk about different topics, make opinions and agree and disagree with others


This workshop is to practice for the TOEIC SW Test. The TOEIC SW Test is a valid assessment of English-language speaking and writing skills for business. The workshops are divided into sections focusing specifically on speaking or writing.

Free Conversation

Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon the English Cafe will host free conversation time for students who want to practice speaking English with native speakers. Whether you can stick around the whole time or can only pop in for a quick chat, you are welcome to join anytime.

Let’s Speak English

English conversation practice for anyone who wants to brush up on their skills. Held in the morning on Wednesday and the afternoon on both Wednesday and Thursday.

English for University Staff

All staff members are welcome to join in lessons specifically for University employees. The sessions will be held in the English Café on Fridays during the lunch period. Participants can direct the material to topics they want to cover. All skill levels are welcome. We will try to fit as much useful and fun English practice into the weekly session as possible.

International Society and Japan

Let’s discuss about internationalization of Japanese society and explore whether and how to internationalize our daily live.

One-on-One Reserved Time

Are you interested in one-on-one or small group English practice? Come to the English Café and reserve time to work on your English with Sam. Whether you want to practice speaking, prepare for a test, or check an assignment, Sam will be happy to help in anyway he can. Feel free to sign up individually or with a few friends

English Lunch Conversation

Let’s have lunch together and have fun speaking English and enjoy intercommunication!

Public Speaking

If you would like to practice public speaking in English, come check out the lessons offered in the English Café. We will work on presentations, speeches, debate and more. Whether you have an upcoming project or just want to improve your public speaking abilities, please join us.

Introduction to TOEIC

Introduction to TOEIC is a workshop that will focus on familiarizing students with the TOEIC Test. In addition to practicing for the test, we will also discuss techniques to improve your score. Any students interested in preparing for the TOEIC test are welcome to participate.