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Missions of Institute

Institute of Education, Research and Regional Cooperation for Crisis Management Shikoku started from April, 2016. We promote human resources development, research and developments toward a center of disaster risk reduction in Shikoku. Three missions of the Institute are as follows:

1 Leading center of education for crisis and disaster management
We promote human resources development through developing leading education program by the concept of all hazard approach from global and local viewpoints.
2 Strengthening and enriching functions to support regional resilience
While strengthening and enriching functions to support and promote regional resilience in Kagawa Prefecture as the base for disaster response in Shikoku Region and enhancing cooperation with universities and municipalities in this region, we will continue to contribute to regional community support by utilizing research results such as resilience science* (disaster mitigation science).
※Resilience science is interdisciplinary research field with a fusion of arts and sciences.
3 Building an international base for disseminating resilience science education and research results to Asia and other countries
By the promotion of international academic collaborations and exchanges in the fields of disaster prevention and crisis management with Asia and other countries, we aim to form an international base for spreading research results in the fields such as crisis management education and resilience science to foreign countries.

Activities of the Institute

The Institute consists of Center of Crisis Management Advanced Education & Research, Center of Regional Resilience Research and Planning & Coordination Division. Each research centers conduct eight research project

Center of Crisis Management Advanced Education & Research

1 Development of education program for crisis management by the concept of all hazard approach
2 Development of training system based on resilience engineering
3 Promotion of obtaining of Bousaishi (Disaster prevention expert) certification for undergraduate students and citizens.
4 Operation of joint education center for disaster prevention of graduate students and citizens
5 Promotion of research on resilience science
6 Promotion of research on disaster medical operation, health and mental risk management
7 Cooperation for developing education program for crisis management between five national universities in Shikoku
8 Cooperation with Tribhuvan University in Nepal in the field of disaster risk reduction

Center of Regional Resilience Research

1 Support for settling up and practicing BCP / DCP / regional plans for resilience on national land / other plans
2 Operation and promotion of Kagawa Region Continuity Review Council / Chiefs' Meeting for Region Continuity
3 Operation of a system for sharing real-time disaster information (big data, etc.), and the utilization of DONET
4 Promotion of applied research on disaster mitigation such as resilience science, which is a fusion of Arts and Sciences, and support toward local communities by utilizing these research results
5 Software development related to security management, and providing it to our society
6 Establishment of “Shikoku Resilience Science Consortium” (tentative name), and its operation
7 Setting up and running an organization to develop disaster / crisis response managers who are qualified
8 Opening “International Risk Management Course” (tentative name), and creating international cooperation base