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In this section, we introduce some of the research results of our faculty members. IECMS is conducting project research with reference to keywords such as all-hazards approach, human resource development, recurrent education, AI, disaster volunteerism, and drones. If you find a theme that interests you, it would be a good idea to visit our research office. You may have a wonderful encounter waiting for you.

Terao, Toru Launching ''water research project team'' to strengthen the function of IECMS as a center of water crisis research
Okazaki, Shinichiro Development of resilient recovery technologies for damaged structures
Hasegawa, Shuichi Joint research on disaster-resistant road network in Nepal
Suzuki, Tatsuya Evaluation of emergency access focusing on the location and capacity of shelters in Kagawa Prefecture
Ishizuka, Masahide Basic research on the development of measurement technology for water level and floating litter in urban rivers for disaster prevention and environment
Hagiike Masanobu Disaster response training of Kagawa Medical Association disaster support Team (Kagawa JMAT) by using Web conference system
Hagiike Masanobu Disaster response training for elderly welfare facilities applying the evacuation center management game