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Use of public telephones

In the event of a large-scale disaster, priority will be given to emergency communications such as those of the police and fire department. General communications will likely be restricted, meaning that cell phones are likely to have difficulty in connection.
Public telephones, on the other hand, are not subject to communication restrictions and are given priority even in the event of a large-scale disaster. Therefore, knowing the location of public phones around you and how to use them will help you reduce your risk in case of a disaster. Having multiple ways to contact your loved ones is very important for crisis management.
In the event of a large-scale disaster, calls from public phones will be free of charge if NTT West deems it necessary. With digital public telephones and newer analog public telephones, free calls can be made by lifting the handset. On the other hand, However, some analog public telephones, it is necessary to insert coins or a telephone card after lifting the handset. Don't worry, the coins or phone card you put in will be returned to you after the call.

Analog Public Telephones

Analog Public Telephones

Digital Public Telephones

Digital Public Telephones

Public telephones around the Saiwai-cho campus

Public telephones around the Hayashimachi campus

Public Telephone Locations (NTT West)

Use of Disaster Message Dial (171) and Disaster Message Board (web171)

"Disaster Message Dial (171)” is one of the services provided by NTT West. With this service, you can use your smartphone to contact and confirm the safety of your family and friends. However, it is recommended that you practice this service with your loved ones regularly, and NTT West has set up a "free trial use day" so that you can experience this service outside of times of disaster, so please try it out with your family and friends. Unfortunately, the announcements are currently only in Japanese. Since this service is limited to Japan, please use the "Disaster Message Board (web171)" to contact your family and friends overseas in the event of a disaster.

Free Trial Usage Date ・1st and 15th of every month 00:00~24:00
・Three days of the New Year (January 1, 00:00 - January 3, 24:00)
・Disaster Preparedness Week (August 30, 9:00 - September 5, 17:00)
・Disaster Preparedness and Volunteer Week (January 15, 9:00 to January 21, 17:00)

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