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“Designated emergency evacuation sites” and “Designated evacuation centers”

"Designated emergency evacuation sites” are places of refuge for emergency evacuation to protect life and ensure safety in situations of imminent danger from disasters. Designated emergency evacuation sites are designated for each type of disaster, such as earthquake, storm surge, tsunami, flood, and landslide. In the event of a large-scale disaster, people should evacuate here first.
On the other hand, "designated evacuation centers" are facilities provided for people whose homes have been damaged. These centers also offer temporary stays for people who are unable to return home due to an ongoing disaster.

As no one knows when a disaster will strike, people are advised to check the information on evacuation sites and the center beforehand.

Symbols of evacuation sites, etc image

Symbols of evacuation sites, etc.

Indication of Emergency evacuation sites

Indication of Emergency evacuation sites
(Faculty of Engineering and design, Kagawa University)