Hi, I am Nurhayati H.S. Arifin from Indonesia. When I write this message, I am in Japan. I just realized that it has been 15 years since I came for the first time to Japan in April 1988. Before coming to Kagawa University, I had been studied Japanese in Osaka University for Foreign Studies for 6 months. In the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University I took master program in the field of Landscape Architecture, and graduated in 1991. In 1994 I came again to the same Lab. of Prof. Masuda to pursue my doctorate degree in the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Ehime University, and then graduated in 1998. While studying and doing research, I enjoyed my life by making interaction with people and the environment. I also like Sanuki udon very much that after my return sometimes I miss it.

In Indonesia, I am working as an academic staff of Landscape Architecture Study Program in Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University. This year I got AIEJ Follow-up Research Fellowship that I have a chance to come back to Kagawa University. From June to August 2003 I have been doing a short term research (on rice terrace landscapes) in the Lab of Prof. Masuda, where now in the Faculty of Engineering, Hayashi-cho, Takamatsu city. Special thanks to Prof. Masuda as well as all the officials of Kagawa University, whom with their supports this valuable chance was possible.

To all of my friends, alumni of Kagawa University, I send my warm regards. I hope this homepage will retie our friendship and our relationship with Kagawa University. My address during my stay in Kagawa is nurarif@eng.kagawa-u.ac.jp, and after my return is nurarif@bogor.net.

As for prospective students, I would like to say that Kagawa University has been more developed, as I saw the changes here. You may explore it and think that this is the right place to continue your study.

Hi. I am Lrong Lim from Malaysia. In April 1987, I came to Japan as a Monbusho scholar. After six months of Japanese language studies at Hiroshima University, I arrived at Kagawa University to study at the Graduate School of Economics. Without so much of a clue to become an academician, I proceeded to Nagoya University to obtain my doctorate. Presently, I am a faculty member at the Economics Department of Kagawa University (web page : http://www.ec.kagawa-u.ac.jp/~lrong/). I hope that this Message Board can revive the friendships I have made while a student at Kagawa University. As for prospective students who may be reading this, I extend a warm invitation to you to explore the possibility of coming to study at Kagawa University.

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